What are the 3 advantages of the computer spring machine?

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The computer spring machine has the characteristics of multi-axis with free hand and wire rotation, which determines the advantages of producing special-shaped springs and linear products. At this stage, many products with long folding angles or low winding ratios, cam spring machines There is no way to make it all at once.

1. The most convenient adjustment application is a kind of use value. The spring machine does not need to arrange cams. Each AC servo motor is independently operated by the computer operating system. Each arm can be adjusted at will, and most of them cannot be found. Yes, the adjustment technicians are easy to understand and have powerful functions. One of the selling points of the computer spring machine is that his arm stroke can be set at will according to the product requirements, and there is no invalid posture, so the speed will be improved, which is very suitable for the production of many types of springs. Quotient. According to the grasp of the current product, it can also be understood that the spring manufacturer strictly manages the whole process of manufacturing various springs such as bending springs, and it is not that the product cannot meet the requirements of the spring.

2. The longest spring machine of AC servo motor shaft is all 10 shafts or 12 shafts. According to customer requirements, 10 shafts can also be added to 11 shafts. Other models in China are generally 2 shafts, 3 shafts, 4 shafts, and 6 shafts. For equipment with different shafts and 8 shafts, the level of its intelligent system is very improved, and it is more convenient to make spring adjustment applications. Multi-axis is the development trend of spring machines.

3. The computer spring machine has the strongest working ability to produce special-shaped springs. Due to the characteristics of multi-axis with random hands and wire rotation, it has decided the advantages of producing special-shaped springs and linear products. At this stage, many folding angles are longer or are wound. There is no way to form a cam spring machine at a time. A fully automatic spring machine can make full use of its robot arm moving up and down, turning the line 320 degrees, forming at will, and the arm can be sorted at will, plus appropriate auxiliary software. Being able to make a spring that cannot be formed by a traditional cam machine at one time, it can be easily formed at one time, and it is not easy to leave scratches. It is the key advantage of the fully automatic spring machine.

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