Torsion spring machine no-load test run

Update:12 Oct 2019

1. First start the rotation of the torsion spring machi […]

1. First start the rotation of the torsion spring machine to check whether the components are normal. Whether the voltage is stable or not, after checking the Z-axis, check whether the Z-axis rotation is stable and there is no twisting. No load operation before leaving the factory must be idle for 4-8 hours.
2. Check if the torsion spring machine has a grounding wire to prevent the leakage point from happening, so as to avoid unnecessary occurrence.
3. Adjust the controller to manual operation and use the Y-axis motion repeatedly to see if the Y-axis operation is stable and easy.
4. Check the following items during the rotation of the torsion spring machine:
a: The lubrication points of the transmission gears and bearings are fully lubricated, and the sealing parts are well sealed.
b: There must be no large vibration and periodic noise during operation.