There are 6 tips for choosing a spring machine.

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1. Select the spring machine according to the needs of its own products.
For example, if you need to make tension springs, torsion springs, circlips, and shaped springs, then you should use the CNC universal spring machine (commonly known as computer or eight-jaw spring machine); if it is a compression spring, then you You should choose a computerized spring machine; if you are a wire-forming product, you should choose a camless spring machine or a wire forming machine. In addition, for the less demanding compression spring products, mechanical compression spring machine can be selected. Simple torsion spring products can be selected by mechanical torsion spring machine.
2, according to the positioning of their own development to choose the spring machine
For example, in the initial stage, you can choose some mechanical simple spring machine equipment or low-end brand CNC spring machine products; in the rising stage of development, you can consider the use of high-end precision spring machine equipment, such as pioneering. For the processing of different spring products, we can choose the spring machine equipment according to its own conditions, in order to maximize the utilization of its own machine.
3, choose the spring machine manufacturers with scale strength cooperation
Generally speaking, the scale strength of the manufacturer is to guarantee the quality of its own brand. Therefore, we must choose the manufacturers with the scale strength to cooperate. In the current market, the competition between spring machine brands is fierce, and the homogenization phenomenon (imitation) between products is more and more obvious, but each brand has its own characteristics, so we must consider the manufacturers when choosing spring machine equipment. The scale of strength, such as technical strength, production strength and research and development capabilities.
4. Choose a brand with high market share and good reputation
Generally speaking, a brand of spring machine equipment has been successfully introduced to the market and widely recognized by users. It must be completed after about 5 years of market inspection process. Otherwise, there is no way to evaluate the quality of the machine. If the surrounding friends or peers have a spring machine that chooses a certain brand (such as pioneering), then the quality of the spring machine of the brand is good. At the same time, you can also ask about their relevant experience, such as quality feedback and manufacturers. Word of mouth and so on.
5, choose the perfect after-sales service manufacturers to cooperate
The perfection of after-sales service not only reflects the value of the manufacturer's brand, but also reflects the strength of the manufacturer. At present, most of the spring machine manufacturers on the market are difficult to guarantee timely delivery in the after-sales service, which will affect the user's production progress to a large extent, resulting in the loss of orders. In addition, after-sales service is the added value of the product itself, which requires the manufacturer to invest a lot of manpower and material resources for protection.
6. Test the feasibility of the spring machine equipment through the sample
Generally speaking, more cautious investors will require the spring machine manufacturer's sample in advance, even if it is a paid proof, you can use the investment of several thousand yuan to test the stability and feasibility of spring machine equipment production. More secure. If it is determined that the machine can be completed with 100% confidence, of course, no sample is needed; if not, then a sample process is required, and you can feel the speed and stability of the machine production on site. If you really want to buy a machine, you can talk about the price and payment method first, and then pay a little proof deposit, which reflects your sincerity and reduces the risk of your introduction of equipment.