The difference between the spring machine and the spring machine.

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The key to the compression spring machine is the control system. The compression spring machinery is developed from the mechanical control of the previous electrical appliances to the numerically controlled computer spring machinery integrated with electromechanical light. The mechanical control system of the compression spring is mainly composed of bus, CPU, power supply, memory, operation panel and display screen, position control unit, programmable controller logic control unit and data input/output interface. What are the production steps of the compression spring machine?
1. Before the spring machine is turned on, the operator must check whether the lubrication and protective equipment of each part of the machine tool meet the requirements, and the operation can be confirmed after confirmation.
2. The operator of the compression spring machine must wear the labor protection articles according to the regulations, and do not wear slippers, sandals and high heels. Do not cut gloves, national towels and rings, necklaces and other accessories during the operation. Do not smoke, do not chat with others, and concentrate on the spirit.
3. It is strictly forbidden to melt and play in the workshop. The operator must be familiar with the relevant information of the CNC machine tool manual. For example, the main technical data, transmission principle, main structure, lubrication parts and maintenance and other general knowledge.
4. For the use environment of the compression spring machine. It is necessary to foresee direct light and other heat radiation, too much sputum or excessive dust, corrosive gases, etc. in the place of use.
5. It is strictly forbidden to measure and touch the workpiece when the workpiece rotates. The spring machine is not allowed to open the door of the electrical cabinet during normal operation, so press the “Emergency Stop” or “Reset” button.
6. Before the workpiece is installed in the compression spring machine. The operator has to run the program once and for all. Whether the powder program can run smoothly, whether the knife and the center device are installed properly, and whether there is an overtravel phenomenon. The operator must start the machine after confirming that the workpiece is tight.
7. The order of starting and shutting down the spring machine must be operated in accordance with the specifications of the machine tool.
8. Before the spindle starts to start cutting. The operator must close the protection policy, and it is strictly forbidden to open the protection gate during the normal operation of the program.
9. All experiments or practices of the compression spring machine must be carried out under the guidance of a practical teacher. Do not start the machine without the consent of the instructor.
10. After the spring machine is energized, the operator should check whether the switches, buttons and buttons are normal and flexible, and the machine tool is abnormal.

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