Tempering deformation

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The main cause of tempering deformation is the residual hard force or tissue change caused by tempering and quenching, that is, the tempering causes the tensile stress to be eliminated and the shrinkage and compressive stress are eliminated and expanded, including the precipitation of e-carbonization at the initial stage of tempering. There will be some shrinkage in the material, a large amount of shrinkage during the condensation process of the ferritic carbon and iron, a change in the residual Worthite iron into a ramification of the granulated iron, and the expansion of the Worthite iron into a deformed iron, which will cause deformation of the workpiece after tempering. .
Ways to prevent:
(1) performing pressurized tempering treatment;
(2) Reducing residual stress by using a hot bath or air quenching;
(3) Corrected by machining;
(4) Reserve the amount of deformation and other methods.
Well-type tempering furnace is an energy-saving cycle-type tempering furnace for tempering of general metal parts in air and quenching, annealing and aging heat treatment of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, pistons, aluminum plates and other light-alloy parts.