Product classification of tempering furnaces.

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Vacuum tempering furnaces
The furnace is mainly suitable for the bright annealing and tempering treatment of black and non-ferrous metal wire strips and tubes, mechanical parts, electronic components and tooling gauges. After treatment, the surface of the product is smooth, non-oxidized and does not decarburize.
All-fiber trolley type tempering furnace
The all-fiber trolley type tempering furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of general large and medium-sized metal or alloy parts at rated temperature. This series of electric furnace shells are made of steel plate and section steel. The trolley is welded by steel and steel plates, and the trolley passes through the furnace. The soft contact and sand sealing mechanism to reduce heat radiation and convection loss, effectively ensure the sealing of the furnace body.
All-fiber well type tempering furnace
Well type tempering resistance furnace This equipment is a periodic heat treatment equipment with hot air circulation system. The maximum operating temperature is 650 °C. It is mainly used for high temperature tempering and annealing of various metal materials. It is the ideal for handling small shaft parts. The device, in conjunction with the control system, automatically controls the heating temperature of the device.