Measures to keep the camless spring machine accurate for a long time.

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In the performance of the spring machine, the camless spring machine adopts the camless and rockerless design and is independently controlled by multiple sets of private service motors. The camless, rockerless design is up to 50% faster than conventional cam machines.

The camless spring machine operates with an intelligent module that automatically detects and alarms. Windows window operation, Chinese and English display, easy to learn and use. Most of the operations are done by the computer, which gives the operator a small burden. Of course, this performance is inextricably linked to the brand of the product, and the brand's large product is more guaranteed in this part.

Secondly, there is no rolling guide on the camless spring machine, which can maintain accuracy for a long time. No collision machine and heat, the composite tool completes all processes and the tool loss is low. It is suitable for the production of high precision spring products for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, wire forming vehicles and other products such as entertainment and fitness equipment.

Spring production and processing is not difficult. It is difficult to maintain, not to cause pollution on the surface of the spring. Once the surface of the spring is contaminated, it is more troublesome to handle, but it cannot be said that it cannot be handled. For spring surfaces, the following can generally be handled:

Such as black (blue), phosphating, electroplating, spray molding and so on. In recent years, zinc chrome film Dacromet has appeared. The DACROMET protective layer has excellent corrosion resistance, 7 to 10 times the corrosion resistance of the conventional plating layer, and there is no hydrogen embrittlement in the electroplating process. It has strong adhesion and is especially suitable for surface protection of elastic materials.

Surface treatment main characteristics and uses Corrosion resistance oxidation treatment Blackening, blue common spring protection is generally maintained in the air for 3 months, electroplating is used for higher protection in general air medium protection for 3 months to 2 years.

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