Introduction of function keys on spring machine control panel!

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The traditional spring machine is relatively cumbersome in terms of debugging and operation. It requires experienced spring machine masters to be proficient. At present, in order to simplify the debugging process and operation process of the spring machine, the spring machine is generally equipped with a control panel. The function keys on the control panel are introduced!
Emergency stop button:
In order to respond to the sudden situation of the spring machine in time, an emergency stop button is set on the panel. In any operating state, pressing the button will immediately stop the system and lock it. At this time, other keys cannot be used. If you want to release the lock, you can Turn clockwise. If the emergency stop state is exited after pressing the emergency stop during processing, only the origin key, axis selection key, direction key and [F5] key can be used at this time. In this state, you need to perform the operation of returning to the origin or pressing [ Reset] key to enter normal operation mode.
Speed control knob:
The speed control knob is a very important function knob in the process of debugging the spring machine. After the spring product program is edited, it can enter the test mode for testing. The speed control knob is used to control the speed of the system and observe the running status of the program. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the processing speed. Otherwise, the speed decreases until it stops. You can change the product program command to stop the test when the stop. You can turn the knob again to test the processing effect. Repeat this process until you reach the processing goal. Stop] or [Start] to switch between test mode and automatic mode to improve your tuning efficiency.
Using the handwheel can realize various CNC spring machine operations such as manual rotation of each axis, editing of product data and handwheel test processing. In [Auto] mode, you can select the corresponding axis in the main working interface, and turn the handwheel to adjust the position of each axis. When adjusting, you can input the current data of each axis into the programming form with the keys Realize teaching input function of product data. At the same time, in the test mode, in addition to testing with the test knob, you can also use the handwheel to adjust the processing speed.

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