What is the working principle of the spring machine and the principle of power consumption?

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With the rapid development of current spring manufacturing and other fields, the application of spring machine equipment has become more and more extensive. At the same time, when many consumers buy a spring machine, most of them will consider the operating power of the corresponding machine to roughly calculate the daily power consumption of the machine. Let's take a look at the working principle of the spring machine and the principle of power consumption.

Working principle of spring machine:
It is a device that relies on a pair or two pairs of feed wheels to compress the steel wire, and the rotation of the feed wheel drives the steel wire straight forward. It is completed by using a sector-shaped incomplete gear to drive the gear on the feed wheel shaft. The upper and lower rollers have the same speed, but the direction of rotation On the contrary. The feeding wheel rotates once, and the feeding length is the circumference of the feeding wheel. The unfolding length of the spring can be determined by the number of rotations of the feeding wheel. The number of teeth of the fan-shaped incomplete gear is the number of rotations that control the feeding wheel.
Power consumption principle of spring machine:
You must first understand the basic structure of the CNC spring machine, and then control the power consumed by the various organic parts of the machine in operation. At this stage, the CNC spring machines are all driven by servo motors, and matched with corresponding servo drives and other electrical components for connection work. We measure whether a spring machine costs electricity? The simplest and clearest way is to calculate or accumulate the total power of the machine's own servo motor. But the actual power consumption of the spring machine in a single time is slightly less than the total power of each servo motor of the machine. In addition, if other functional losses are added, such as motor heating, work lights, etc., it is still meaningful to measure its power consumption by the total power of the CNC spring machine in a single time.

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