What is the correct way to use automatic compression spring machine?

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If you want a fully automatic spring machine to be applied more smoothly and the productivity has improved, then you must grasp the following points to ensure that the application is carried out in accordance with the process.
1. The application of mechanical equipment must be started first. Therefore, at the time of power-on, it is necessary to check whether the operating voltage of the switching power supply is stable, and if everything is normal, it can be turned on. After opening, it is necessary to adjust the mechanical equipment, if not adjusted, then there will always be abnormalities in production. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer each part before production to prevent falling and loosening in the production, and finally cause damage to the machine.
Second, when the working time of the automatic spring machine equipment is relatively long, the staff must send the wire feed wheel years later, so that it is not easy to cause damage to the rolling bearing, and the quality and precision of the products produced and processed are harmful. .
3. If the machine is going to produce no need of type of spring yellow, then it is necessary to adjust the machine. At this moment, it must be a teacher with working experience to adjust the machine, so that it is not easy to cause all harm to the machine.
4. When the machine is in operation, the staff must not touch it by hand. If the falling direction of the product is required to be good, otherwise it will hit the machine and the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed.
Therefore, only the staff of the manufacturer can properly apply the fully automatic spring machine to ensure productivity.

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