What functions does the camless computer spring machine have?

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In the future mechanical development, the cam-free computer spring machine will lead the industry to a higher platform, because it has many functions that ordinary spring production equipment does not have.



With the continuous increase of market demand, the business volume in various places has increased greatly. It can be said that with the continuous improvement of productivity, various types of machinery can play a great role. Among the many product types of Xianheng CNC, the universal spring machine is the more worthy of attention.
1. Improve the precise range of measuring range. Improvements in software and programs have greatly improved the precise measurement range of the machine, which has also greatly improved its application efficiency, and is more suitable for the application needs of some industries.
2. Very wide measuring range. It can be said that the measurement range that the application of this device can bring is extremely wide, including pressure, tension, stiffness, etc., which makes its promotion value higher.
3. Convenient operation. The design of Xianheng CNC equipment is designed according to national standards, and it is tested by a special program, and it is extremely excellent in basic functionality.
4. High test accuracy. The mechanical design adopts a large-scale inheritance circuit method to greatly improve its own test accuracy, and the operation method has also been greatly changed, which saves a lot of trouble through man-machine dialogue.

There are four functions provided by the camless computer spring machine. Of course, there are other functions, which are not introduced here.

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