What are the factors affecting the performance of computer spring machines?

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1. The speed ratio increases. In the case where the oscillation does not occur, the setting is as large as possible. The larger the set value, the stronger the rigidity. However, if the setting is too large, oscillation is likely to occur. In general, the larger the load inertia, the larger the set value of the speed proportional increase.

2. Speed integral time constant. Set as large as possible according to the given conditions. When the speed integral time constant is set too large, the corresponding speed will increase, but it will easily oscillate. Therefore, if there is no oscillation, try to set it as large as possible. When the time constant of the speed integral is set too large, the speed opportunity fluctuates greatly when the load changes. In general, the larger the load inertia, the smaller the set value of the time integral of the speed integral.

3. The position ratio increases. Within the stable range, try to set it to the maximum. The position ratio increase is too large, and the tracking performance of the position command is particularly good. The error will be very small, but it will easily oscillate when the positioning is stopped.

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