What are the correct operating methods of the spring machine?

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The spring machine is an automatic machine necessary for spring processing at this stage, but the equipment must be specified for operation and application. Proper operation and application can ensure the reliability and processing accuracy of the spring machine as soon as possible. What matters should be paid attention to when operating the spring machine?
Irregular spring machine operation and application will endanger all normal processing and productivity of the spring machine, more serious and even cause damage to the machine body, and may cause abnormal spring machine equipment. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to in the entire operation and application process:

1. When opening the spring machine equipment, people must strictly implement the application process, and the CNC blade should be fixed before starting. Before manufacturing, be sure to check whether the standard parts used in the adjustment of the computer spring machine are sturdy to prevent the processing process Loosening, falling, or moving during the process may cause the knife to hit and cause common failures of the equipment or damage to the body.
2. Measuring instruments, equipment, and small tools should not be placed on the equipment to prevent accidents during operation. Pay attention to whether the equipment is running smoothly, without noise or abnormal vibration during the entire operation. It is best not to leave the equipment for a long time. Sexual overload at work.
3. During the operation of the spring machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the control panel of the machine body with your hands. After the yellow goods are processed on the machine table and disconnected, the position of the goods must be manipulated to prevent the knife from jamming and causing the knife. . In addition, when there is an abnormality in the elastic products processed by the spring machine, the appropriate repairs must be carried out after the operation side of the machine and equipment is terminated to prevent safety production accidents.
4. When the beginners operate and adjust the computer spring machine, they must be accompanied by a technical professional teacher, so as to reduce or prevent unnecessary safety production accidents. Moreover, after a beginner apprentice or adjustment of machinery and equipment, technical masters must carry out inspections to prevent incorrect operation of the equipment.
5. When the equipment is abnormal, cross-professional staff is prohibited from disassembling and installing the spring machine without permission to prevent the spring machine equipment from being damaged again. In the event of unsolvable mechanical failures, feedback should be given to the manufacturer immediately, and professional and technical personnel should conduct regular inspections and repairs.

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