What are the applications of spring machines in all walks of life?

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Pens, bicycles, trolleys, trolleys, control springs and so on. Therefore, the spring machine can be applied in all walks of life. Let's talk about the application of the spring machine in detail below:




1. Matching springs are mainly used in automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and gasoline engines. These springs include valve springs, suspension springs, shock absorber springs and clutch springs. They are widely used and account for about 50% of spring production.
At the same time, the technical level is also very high.. It can be said that the technical level of these springs is representative. They develop towards high fatigue life and high resistance to relaxation, thereby reducing their quality.


2. Large springs and leaf springs are mainly used for railway vehicles, trucks and construction machinery. These springs are mainly hot rolled, which is an important aspect of spring manufacturing. With the development of the damping system of high-speed railway vehicles has been upgraded, such as vehicle suspension spring thermoforming technology has been greatly improved. This kind of spring is the main direction of the development of high strength and high accuracy with stable product quality.


3. Electronic and electrical springs are mainly instruments and meters. Typical products include motor brush springs, switch springs, cameras and camera springs, computer accessory springs, instrument accessory springs, etc.
Such springs and special-shaped springs account for a large proportion, and different products have different requirements for materials and processes.

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