The difference between camless spring machine and cam spring machine

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The camless spring machine mainly includes the camless spring machine with and without the transfer line. From the perspective of long-term development, the camless spring machine is the development trend of the future spring machine.
Generally, the camless spring machine has a robot, and the manipulator can be used as a double torsion spring. The loops on both sides can be very densely wounded. The wire forming is more flexible and the debugging is easier. This is also an advantage different from the cam machine. Secondly, the camless spring machine has a stronger ability to make a profiled spring than a cam spring machine.
The position of the cam spring arm is relatively fixed, and the internal space is smaller than that of the camless spring machine, so many special-shaped products are not well adjusted. The cam spring machine is convenient and advantageous for simple springs, and the camless spring machine is convenient and advantageous for making complex or shaped springs.
For spring production, if it is in the early stage, you can choose mechanical simple equipment; if it is difficult spring, choose the special spring machine equipment; if the spring requirements are not high, the amount is very large, you can also consider the choice of camless spring If the high-end products are used for accessories on high-tech products such as automobiles, airplanes, mobile phones, computers, etc., precision spring machines can be considered.
If you are mainly working on compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, specifications and small quantities, and often adjust the machine, then the best choice is a camless spring machine. Because the camless spring machine does not have the trouble of arranging the cam piece, and the internal space is large, it is convenient to start the spring.

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