Spring machine computer controller common fault

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The common faults of the spring machine computer controller are listed as follows:
1. Turn on the computer motor will automatically run, the controller to the drive control line welding error or the motor to the driver's encoder line welding error.
2. The difference caused by the computer controller main board IC being removed and reinstalled, the computer system is restored to the factory value (data burned into the IC).
3. The motor noise is too large, and the motor driver parameter setting is abnormal.
4. The countdown or outlet head is abnormal, and the motor driver parameters are not set properly.
5. The delivery line is not accurate, the Y-axis resolution is incorrect or the reel is not standard, or the mechanism has a problem.
6. The probe is insensitive, the probe wiring is poorly connected, and the probe accuracy and speed settings do not match.
7. The position of the origin is abnormal, the proximity switch itself does not work normally; the proximity switch wiring is abnormal; the contact surface of the sensor is too small; the two origins are too close; the internal parameters of the controller are incorrect (including the setting of the origin speed parameter is too high, the controller resolves Parameter setting error, etc.).
8. Press the reset button and the motor will move. The servo motor driver parameters are not set correctly.
9. The machine has a pause state during normal operation. There are two situations in this state: 1. When the wire is used up, I13 is disconnected or disconnected, it will appear in the lower right corner of the computer; please handle the wire when it is used up; Prompt, and stop at pause; state; 2. When there is external noise signal interference to I13 (that is, the I13 lamp that is always bright will appear sometimes bright and sometimes extinguished is interference) or the wire frame is not able to form well through the steel wire and the machine The circuit (that is, there is a short wire frame and the machine does not conduct), there will be no wire out, please handle the prompt, just stop in the pause state.
10. The cylinder cannot be fired and check if the O board wiring is normal.
11. The difference between detection and automatic is too large, and the high speed of the hand wheel or the high speed of the jog is not used when detecting.

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