How to solve the swaying of the wire and the direction of the wire in the spring machine?

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At present, the surface flatness of many cables in China is not very good, such as the "8"-shaped trend. When sending T2 bare copper rod metal wire drawing through advanced equipment, it is easy to turn in circles during the process of untwisting and twisting the wire. , The cable twisted together will affect the high manufacturing efficiency. It is easy to sort the direction of the cable. You can modify a conductive coil at the front-end engineer of the all-round spring straightening system. According to the conductive coil, the wire can be effectively prevented from turning in a circle. After the wire is combed, the wire can be crossed. Lighter and more flexible.



The wire feeding frame of the spring machine is sending T2 bare copper rod metal wire drawing and untwisting and twisting of advanced equipment. During the wire release process, due to the insufficient tension distance of the cable itself, the cable will be irregularly front, back, left, and right. Swaying up and down, it is very easy to cause the pitch diameter and diameter of the spring to be unstable, which will affect the quality of spring processing. In order to prevent the line from shaking, you can refit a conductive wire reel in the middle of the spring machine and the wire feeding frame. The cable has a must-have file docking area during the wire feeding process, which has the function of fixing the cable without shaking. 

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