Do you know the five basic structures and functions of the spring machine?

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The spring machine is a very efficient spring production and processing automation machine at this stage, but many customers are not clear about the basic principle of spring machine production and processing, so that everyone can use spring machine machinery and equipment more strongly. The basic structure and function are introduced in detail!
The spring machine can produce and process spring cables into a variety of spring products, mainly with the help of the five basic structures of the straightening mechanism, the feeding mechanism, the size head mechanism, the pitch control mechanism, and the disconnect mechanism. Part of the role.





Straightening mechanism: The position of the straightening mechanism is between the material rack and the feeding roller. It consists of 2 sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system software is to remove the original bending deformation of the stainless steel wire. The spring cable is straightened. Then it can be stretched straight into the forming mechanical equipment, which will help the spring machine to improve the precision of the coiled spring.

Feeding mechanism: It is a device driven by a spring machine to transport a spring cable. It relies on a pair or two pairs of feeding wheels to clamp the stainless steel wire, and the drive gear on the feeding shaft tenon of the fan-shaped incomplete transmission gear is used to carry out the feeding wheel. The rotation of the stainless steel wire pushes the parallel line forward, the length of the feed is the diameter of the feed wheel, and the length of the spring can be determined by the number of turns of the feed wheel.

Small head mechanism: It is the control mechanism of the spring diameter of the rewinding machine spring. The equipment is composed of two small chains and the small head camshaft of the driver chain. When the spring machine produces the small head springs, such as convex and truncated cones The two anchor bolts on the front, rear, left and right of the type spring and the top bar are loosened, allowing the small chain to retract and retract in the tool table to change the spring's outer warp. According to the small and small camshaft drive small chain, it can be produced and manufactured. The purpose of the big and small springs.

Pitch changing mechanism: It is a mechanism for manipulating the pitch of a spring. Generally, spring machines have two mechanisms. One is composed of a pitch knife and a variable camshaft. The variable camshaft is the reasonable number of turns of the operating spring, and the height-width ratio of the spring is adjusted by the anchor bolts under the pitch cutter; the second is the camshaft drive system crankshaft, so that the pitch cutter is released from the inside of the equipment, which can better estimate the large pitch spring.

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