Do you know how to control various parameters when debugging the compression spring machine?

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Compression springs, commonly known as compression springs, are coil springs that are subject to working pressure. The cross-section of the raw material is mostly annular, and it is also made of rectangular frame or multi-core steel. The coil of the compression spring has the necessary clearance, which is called pitch/tooth pitch, which is usually equal pitch. When subjected to external force, the spring collapses to deform and store deformation energy; the key to the appearance of the compression spring is: cylindrical , conical, convex, concave and a small amount of non-circular.

For the compression spring machine, its key product technical parameters include: wire diameter, diameter, pitch, length, breaking flatness and burrs. It is more intelligent to use the relative compression spring machine. In the whole process of compression spring adjustment, how to control the accuracy of each main parameter? The key is to provide multiple levels:

① Equipment characteristics regulations. At this stage, there are many spring machine manufacturers on the market. Different manufacturers produce CNC spring machines, and the performance improvements of their hardware and software are also different.

②Workwear mold quality regulations. The quality of the spring machine work clothes mold is directly determined by the main parameters of the spring quality and work efficiency, such as wire feeder, transmission line plate, curve gauge, hob and pitch knife, etc., and the manufacturer's model plus is generally all The standard configuration of the mold, the quality of the mold made by different manufacturers is different.

③ The quality regulations of the wires used. Each spring product has the necessary regulations for the wire. If the same spring uses different wires of different compositions, the main physical properties displayed are different. Therefore, the use of wires with different compositions determines the actual quality effect of the spring product after forming.

④ Adjust the technical standards of employees. At this stage, the popular computer spring machine in China requires human factors to participate in the actual operation. The key is related to the adjustment of the product. After adjusting a spring product, the equipment can continue to operate (a common problem beyond failure). In the whole process of equipment adjustment, the distribution of special tools and the grinding and polishing of the mold are the most critical work of the spring machine master.

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