Correction of the outer diameter angle of complex and difficult shaped spring

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First, the numerical control spring machine variable diameter arrangement: The variable diameter arrangement refers to the control arrangement of the outer diameter of the spring when winding the spring. It is composed of two ejector pins and a reducing cam that drives the ejector rod.
1. When the cylindrical spring is produced, the spring wire is unchanged, adjust the two ejector rods to the corresponding azimuth, fit the external standard of the spring, and then fix the orientation of the two ejector pins.
2. CNC Spring machine alignment: The orientation of the straight alignment is between the rack and the feeding roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system is to eliminate the original tortuous deformation of the steel wire. , can enter the forming machine with a pen, so as to advance the precision of the coil spring.
3. CNC spring machine feeding arrangement: The feeding arrangement is a device that presses the steel wire by one pair or two pairs of feeding wheels, and travels straight with the rotating wire of the feeding wheel.

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