How to use the computer compression spring machine to quickly debug the compression spring?

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Among all kinds of springs, compression springs are the most basic commodity. When they are subjected to external loads, they can collapse and deform, and can store and release kinetic energy, which can then be used in all walks of life required by industrial production. As a popular machine and equipment for the rapid forming of compression spring products, the compression spring machine on the computer must be mastered of its operation steps and common problems. Today, I will tell you, how can a novice use a computer-based compression spring machine to debug a compression spring?

Hand-learning and debugging of computer spring machines is a whole process of "from the shallower to the deeper, then it can be logical". The accumulation of professional skills and social experience in this whole process is very critical. Following the rapid development trend in China's CNC spring machine manufacturing industry at this stage, computer compression spring machines, all-round spring machines, and camshaft-free spring machines are slowly emerging as popular spring machine equipment; among them, computer compression springs The machine is very easy to review the methods and operate on the machine. It is suggested that novices can learn from four aspects:

1. Understand the structure and principle of the model. To learn to debug and be proficient in computer-operated compression spring machines, you must first understand the structure and principle of the model. You can only understand the role of each component of the model and the basic principle of model formation, so people can explain as soon as possible how the bomby product is rolled out. Such as the linkage member of the model structure, the function driver of the forming position and the basic principle of the elastic winding.
2. Grasp the installation and grinding of CNC blades for work clothes. In the whole process of learning, debugging and computer operation of the compression spring machine, it is very important to grasp the installation and grinding of the CNC blades of work clothes. In particular, the proper installation of the CNC blades for work clothes can ensure the orderly development of the debugging work. In addition, the arbitrary supporting facilities of the spring machine manufacturer are the standard parts of the CNC blade of the work clothes. The actual operation staff must grind the CNC blade of the standard work clothes into the desired shape during the whole process of debugging the spring machine, such as rounding, Grooving and polishing, etc.
3. Familiar with the actual operation and use of computer operating systems. The key to the novice learning and debugging and the actual operation of the spring machine can be divided into two parts: the debugging of the mechanical equipment and the actual operation of the computer operating system. Among them, part of the debugging of mechanical equipment is mainly related to the distribution and grinding of work clothes CNC blades. The actual operation of the computer operating system involves the compilation and modification of program flow commands, etc., and they are in the flexible work carried out together.
4. Pay attention to the actual operation and work experience accumulation of daily practice activities. Novices should pay attention to the actual operation and work experience accumulation when learning to debug and actually operate the spring machine. For example, they should start with simple products and gradually grasp the diameter control, length control, pitch control, and variable diameter control of compression spring forming. The operation of the wound on both sides (closed and parallel), etc., performs professional skills from the shallower to the deeper, and then gradually forms a skilled spring machine master.
In other words, the novice must be able to quickly use the compression spring machine to debug the compression spring after the specific technical guidance and technical training of the professional and technical personnel, and according to their own computer operation and accumulated work experience. The cost of learning and debugging compression spring machines for novices depends on perseverance, the perseverance of hard work, the ability to think and do more, and gradually improve their professional skills.