How to solve the water leakage of computer spring machine?

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Many spring machine manufacturers have encountered the problem of water leakage in computer spring machines. How should we deal with it? When we encounter water leakage from the computer spring machine, we can't ignore it, but we don't have to panic. The following Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd. Teach you how to solve it quickly and effectively:

The voltage technology of the computer spring machine is mostly below 60 volts, and the data analysis above 60 volts is abnormal, which needs to be handled properly.

1. Ordinary thread and machine-to-home premium cut, use the power ground wire bottom thread sewing machine, a one-meter-deep iron rod deep into the ground, connect the first motor, if the measured voltage is 200V-220V, the sheath wiring is damaged , Then check if the wiring of each fan is damaged, the machine checks whether the angle controller is damaged, if not, check and eliminate.

2. If the voltage measurement value is between 60V-150V, the working power system may trip, and the spring machine can be connected. It is recommended to connect the spring machine to other common life needs.