How to solve the plugging of the mandrel in the spring machine?

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Due to wire quality problems or mistakes in the operation process, it is easy to cause the plugging of the spring mandrel. If the wire is stuck, the spring steel wire of the wire is not taken out in time, which will affect the normal operation of the spring machine. How to solve the jamming problem of the spring machine?

The spring mandrel is composed of a body and a tail clip, in which the mandrel body is a semicircular fan-shaped structure, and the conventional angles are 165° and 120°; the clip can be divided into two types of integral type and two-half structure, which can be freely pulled out from one end of the mandrel . Its main function in the equipment is to assist in cutting and straightening part of the wire feeding when the spring machine is working, and it is an indispensable auxiliary tool in the forming process of the spring machine. Here, Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd will give you a brief introduction to the solution:

① First turn off the switch of the spring machine, cut off the steel wire on the rear wire feed roller, then remove the mandrel from the front panel of the body, and try to clamp the tail of the mandrel.
②If the end clamp can be removed, it means that the mandrel body is blocked. At this time, you can clamp the steel wire with pliers, and try to pull out the steel wire horizontally from one end, or drip some liquid lubricating oil into the mandrel.
③If the end clamp cannot be removed, it means that the end clamp of the mandrel may be stuck. Try gripping the tail pliers with hand pliers, then pull out the tail pliers horizontally and firmly. If it is a two-half tail clip, pull out the tail clip. If it is an integral tail pliers, it is necessary to find a way to take out the stuck steel wire, or replace it with a new tail pliers, so as to solve the problem of the stuck wire of the mandrel.

During the production operation of the spring machine, it is necessary to avoid the plugging of the mandrel as much as possible, otherwise it will have a great impact on the production efficiency. If there is a line jam, we can deal with it according to the above solutions. If it cannot be solved, we can contact the corresponding manufacturer for assistance. At present, Shente Machinery can not only provide customers with various high-quality spring machine equipment, but also provide customers with comprehensive after-sales maintenance guarantee!

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