How to solve the leakage of CNC spring machine?

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The voltage of the CNC spring machine is mostly below 60 volts, and the CNC spring machine above 60 volts is abnormal and needs to be handled properly.

1. Use an ordinary wire to connect the machine to the household iron water pipe. If the power supply has a ground wire, connect the ground wire of the machine power supply to it. Insert an iron rod into the ground about one meter deep, and then use a wire to connect the machine with it. connect. If the measured voltage is 200 volts to 220 volts, it means that the wiring of the machine is damaged. First check whether the wiring of each fan is damaged, and then check whether the wire at the corner of the machine to the controller is damaged. If not, check by exclusion.

2. If the measured voltage is above 60 volts and below 150 volts and there is a power trip, there may be a series of electricity, especially for small 8 machines. It is recommended to connect the spring machine to the electricity used in ordinary life to solve the problem.

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