How to solve the failure of spring machine wire feeder?

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The spring machine can automatically send wires to produce springs, because there are automatic wire feeders, wire feeders, which have the following functions: wire feed synchronization, wire wrap alarm, left and right rotation, wire rack alarm, wire break alarm, speed regulation function. How to solve when there are some failures in the automatic wire feeder?
When the spring machine is turned on, there is no work light display on the wire delivery frame, and when there is no sound, check whether the switch of the wire delivery frame is closed, whether the incoming power supply has electricity, whether the voltage is the specified voltage value, and whether the fuse is burnt;
When the wire feeder of the CNC spring machine is in a state of power and the wire stand does not rotate, you should check whether the wire feeder motor can run, remove the belt test motor, check whether the inverter has an alarm, if not, replace the inverter in time ;
When the wire rack does not have the synchronous wire feed function, it is the automatic wire feed function. Check whether the relay in the wire rack circuit board is burnt out. If the relay's work light is always on, it needs to be replaced;
When the lever of the micro switch is pulled to the end, the wire frame does not stop running, and the words "wire frame failure" do not appear on the display frequency of the spring machine. Sensor is in contact, if not, adjust to contact, or replace the sensor.