How to reduce the vibration of the compression spring machine when it is working?

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In the new era of social and economic development, not only has it clearly proposed new and upgraded regulations for various manufacturing industries, but it is also the pursuit of perfect green, environmental protection and high efficiency. Both the spring manufacturing industry and the compression spring machine manufacturing industry are facing challenges. According to the structural optimization and resource allocation of the sales market, survival of the fittest will be promoted, which will surpass this new social and economic development method of physical and mental health. The spring and compression spring machine manufacturing industry must carry out strict quality control, produce high-quality products, and prevent serious waste of resources.


At present, following the use and popularization of computer compression spring machines, the relative use of excellent spring mechanical equipment and excellent production technology has created a large amount of profit for the company. In the whole application process of the compression spring machine, damping vibration will inevitably be caused by the operation of the equipment and the forming, production and processing. For a long time, the damped vibration of the equipment will have a necessary impact on the equipment itself, and it will be more serious. Cause common failures of the equipment.


The compression spring machine is running due to its vibration, which will affect the characteristics of the equipment. When this happens, how can people reasonably reduce the damping vibration?


①Choose anti-vibration countermeasures. For example, the flexible connection method between the AC servo motor and the shell of the compression spring machine is used to protect the motor itself from vibration; the hydraulic machine part of the equipment is separated from the equipment itself; the hydraulic machine buffer equipment is selected to reduce the impact of the component disassembly and replacement; use Vulcanized rubber or wood protects the compression spring machine and the roadbed, and separates the connection between the base of the machine and the road surface with a vibration isolation groove to prevent the surrounding vibration sources from being transmitted to the equipment according to the road surface and the basic.


②Avoid co-shocks. Co-vibration means that the frequency of the excitation force of the equipment is close to or coincides with the resonant frequency of the system software, which leads to common failure conditions of the equipment. In order to prevent the resonance principle from being caused, for example, the rotation speed ratio of the AC servo motor is replaced/the rotation speed ratio of the spindle bearing is changed to bypass the resonance zone; the precision of the surface is improved, and then the surface roughness of the fusion surface is reduced to weaken the inherent Frequency: Clear the gap and increase the bending rigidity of the touch to increase the bending rigidity and resonance frequency of the equipment system software.


③Reduce/clear the exciting force of the vibration source. For parts with a speed ratio of about 600r/min, it is necessary to go through a balanced solution, especially for high-speed running parts in the compression spring machine, such as transmission gears and rolling bearings, etc., must improve the precision of the production and assembly line of transmission gears, especially It is to improve the precision of the unit root inspection in the work of the transmission gear, reduce the vibration caused by the regular impact, and reduce the noise; it is necessary to improve the precision of the production and assembly line of the roller bearing to reduce the damage caused by the roller bearing. Vibration caused by shortcomings.


When the compression spring machine is in the whole process of working, in order to prevent the occurrence of vibration conditions and cause unnecessary damage to the equipment, people can adopt three levels of vibration reduction measures, avoiding resonance, and reducing/clearing the excitation force of the vibration source. Reduce vibration.


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