How to program the spring machine?

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Taking a three-axis eight-jaw spring machine as an example, when the tooling is placed in an appropriate position, an editing mode is switched on the computer screen, and the hand wheel is operated, wherein the X axis represents the cam axis, the Y axis represents the wire feeding axis, and the Z axis. On behalf of the rotary mandrel, each time the handwheel is shaken, the axis it represents will have the corresponding value. Press “Input” to record the current position value, or manually enter the value.
When the program command is edited, the X-axis and Z-axis zeroing operations are performed, and the "test" is performed later. The processed product has a gap with the required product, and can be corrected in the edit mode until it is close to the required product specification. .
The spring machine refers to the mechanical equipment for producing springs. According to the functional characteristics, it is divided into: spring spring machine, tension spring machine, universal machine, disk machine and special spring machine. It includes components such as the machine body and operation panel.