How to operate the computer spring machine?

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The main process of computer spring machine operation:
1, before the machine
a) First turn on the power switch and then turn on the switch.
b) Check whether the buttons are in the original position before the operation and check if the control panel is normal. c) Before the operation, observe whether the movements of each part are normal, and confirm that the movement of each part is normal before the machine can be set up.
2, in the machine
a) Confirm that the mold and tool are correct, and prevent the device from colliding with each other and causing damage to the machine. b) The tightening of the mold and the tool should be checked frequently during the work and should not be loosened.
c) In the event of a malfunction or abnormality, immediately stop the inspection to eliminate or notify the maintenance personnel to handle, the operator should assist in the repair, and confirm after repair.
3, after the machine
a) After the production is finished, turn off the machine switch and stop the operation, then cut off the power switch. b) Clean the inside and outside of the machine and surrounding debris for 10 to 20 minutes before leaving work.