How to make flat wire for compression spring machine?

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The compression spring machine shows the plan for the management of the wire jam situation. Due to the correct problems of the cable products or the operation process, it is very easy to lead to the situation of the wire jam of the uncompressed spring core shaft. How does the spring machine play the flat wire if the core shaft If the blocked spring steel is not removed immediately when there is a wire jam, it will affect the normal operation of the spring compression machine. How to deal with the mandrel wire jamming of the springless machine?
The spring shaft of the compression spring is composed of two parts: self and tail clip. 120° angle, etc.; the tail clip can be divided into two configurations: the whole body and the two halves, and it can be pulled out carelessly from one end of the mandrel. The crux of its application is that when it is used in the spring compression machine task, it has auxiliary disconnection and a line feed straightening. It is an auxiliary software that is completed or missing in the forming process of the spring compression machine. The wire spring of the spring machine is blocked, the power supply of the pressure spring machine is closed first, the stainless steel wire is broken from the rear wire feeding roller, and then the mandrel is removed from the grip panel of the human body of the old Japanese end, and the mandrel is tested for testing Take the tail out. How to compress flat wire
If Fucheng can remove the tail clip, the foot clip of the mandrel may be plugged. The compression spring machine shows the management plan of the wire jam situation. You can test the pliers to clamp the tail clip, and then pull out the tail vigorously. folder. If the tail clips are transformed into two halves, it is possible to pull out the tail clips. If it is an overall tail clamp, you must read the steps to remove the stainless steel wire that is plugging inside or disassemble a new tail clamp, so that it may be possible to pack the mandrel wire plug of the compression spring machine and the spring grinding machine for the rest. The two inner holes of the compression spring are cut. The CNC lathe of the compression spring machine has two grinding wheels, which are located on the same axis. The upper and lower grinding wheels are independent drives separated by two motors. Grinding wheel is also operated by two handles. The feed tray is independently driven by an electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, and the cutting rate can be changed while the manual wheel is starting.