How to ensure the performance of the spring machine?

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How to ensure the working efficiency of the spring machine The application of the spring machine is becoming more and more widespread at this stage. In the case of long-term shutdown, loosen the wire feeding wheel as much as possible. Due to the long-term compression effect of the wire feeding wheel of the spring machine, it will cause damage to the rolling bearing or slight deformation of the wire feeding wheel, which will cause the wire feeding precision to be unstable during the middle and late startup.
In addition, if the clamping time of the tape is too long, it will cause deformation of the wire diameter, and when the application is turned on, it will cause the main wire control board T2 copper rod drawing stranded stranded mandrel to block and other situations, endangering The precision of the firmware. Spring machine, or set the end point again and check the position of the pitch rod. The total number of spring turns is unstable. For example: the cable itself is of poor quality or the surface is uneven; the feeding length of the spring machine varies greatly; the uneven diameter of the spring may cause the total number of turns of the spring to be unstable. Solution: Check the basic parameters of the system software of the spring machine. Check whether the rollers have deflection. Check whether the ejector pin is fixed.
The edges of the spring do not loop well. For example: the stress concentration of the raw material itself is very large; the angle of the ejector rod is not adjusted well; the appearance, end points and basic parameters of the pitch camshaft are not timely; Solution: change raw materials; adjust spring machine top rod again; sharpen camshaft or adjust program flow order.