How to ensure the daily high speed work of the computer spring machine!

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1 When starting up, strictly follow the application steps and clarify the operation. The spring machine must stop all kinds of testing and debugging operations before leaving the factory. The user must check the fasteners to be tuned when debugging the machine before use, so as to avoid loosening, falling or shifting during the consumption process, resulting in a collision phenomenon. Mechanical local damage of the spring machine.
2 In the long-term stop state, try to loosen the wire feed wheel. Due to the long-time pressing action of the spring machine's wire feeding wheel, the bearing damage or the slight deformation of the wire feeding wheel may be caused, so that the wire feeding precision is unstable when the power is turned on later. In addition, if the belt line pressing time is too long, the wire diameter may be deformed, and the next time the power is applied, the phenomenon that the card line or the core rod infarction may be formed may affect the fineness of the firmware.
3 Technicians should try to monitor the debugging process of technicians. When the apprentice is adjusting the machine, the master should try to be on the scene to reduce or prevent unnecessary accidents. In addition, after the apprentice has debugged the product, the master must stop checking.
4 During the operation of the machine, stop the working panel of the spring machine. During the operation of the computer spring machine, we stop us from touching the spring machine panel by hand to prevent the operation of the machine components from harming us.
5 To control the falling direction of the processed product. The freewheeling of the spring machine product must be controlled in a good direction, otherwise it will catch the knife seat and other components, causing unnecessary collision or collision.
6 When trimming the product, be sure to stop the shutdown operation. In the daily work of the CNC spring machine, if the product is found to be abnormal, it is necessary to stop the operation and then stop the adjustment and correction to prevent the accident.
7 When the spring machine is in trouble, ask the professional to stop the maintenance. When the spring machine is damaged or defective, it must be stopped by an experienced or professional person to check and correct it; when repairing, the relevant professional should stop the repair. It is strictly forbidden to stop disassembly without professional technicians to avoid secondary damage.

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