How to deal with the vibration generated by the computer spring machine during operation?

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Generally speaking, in the whole application process of computer spring machine, because the human body will cause damped vibration when it is running and forming, in the long run, this kind of damped vibration will cause necessary harm to the reliable performance of the equipment, sometimes even sometimes Cause the equipment to produce common failures, so how can people reduce the vibration caused by the computer spring machine in operation?


① Choose vibration reduction measures. For example, the soft connection method between the AC servo motor and the shell of the spring machine is used to protect the motor's own vibration; the hydraulic machine part of the equipment is separated from the equipment itself; the hydraulic machine buffer equipment is used to reduce the impact when the components are disassembled and replaced; vulcanized rubber is used Or wood will protect the CNC spring machine and the roadbed, and use vibration isolation trenches to separate the connection between the base of the machine and the road surface to avoid the surrounding vibration sources from being transmitted to the equipment according to the road surface and basics.
② Avoid the cause of co-shock. Co-vibration means that the frequency of the excitation force of the equipment is close to or coincides with the resonant frequency of the system software, which leads to common failure conditions of the equipment. In order to avoid the resonance principle, such as replacing the speed ratio of the AC servo motor/changing the speed ratio of the spindle bearing to bypass the resonance zone; improve the surface accuracy, and then reduce the surface roughness of the fusion surface to weaken the natural frequency ; Clear gaps and improve the bending stiffness of the touch to improve the bending stiffness and resonance frequency of the equipment system software.
③Reduce or eliminate the excitation force of the vibration source. For parts with a speed ratio of about 600r/min, it is necessary to go through a balanced solution, especially for high-speed running parts in the spring machine, such as transmission gears and rolling bearings, etc., must improve the production and assembly line accuracy of transmission gears, especially in It is necessary to improve the unit root inspection accuracy of the transmission gear at work, reduce the vibration caused by regular impact, and reduce the noise; it is necessary to improve the precision of the roller bearing manufacturing and assembly line to reduce the defects caused by the roller bearing Vibration etc. If you want to master a lot of related content about ensuring the efficient operation of computer spring machines, please click [Contents] How to ensure computer spring machines operate efficiently in normal times?
Therefore, in normal work in order to reduce and prevent the vibration caused by the spring machine during operation, people can take reasonable measures in three levels of vibration reduction, avoiding resonance, and reducing/clearing the excitation force of the vibration source to ensure the equipment Cause unnecessary damage or common faults, thereby improving the working efficiency of the computer spring machine and reducing the repair rate.