How to deal with the vibration and abnormal noise of the automatic spring machine?

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In the process of using the automatic spring machine, people find that sometimes there will be abnormal noise or relatively large vibration, so what should we do to deal with this problem? The following will be talked about by the manufacturer of Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd. :



Shock absorption treatment:

The shock absorber is used to digest and absorb some vibration and impact kinetic energy. According to the flexible characteristics of the elastic yellow itself, it can digest and absorb this kinetic energy. If the elastic yellow itself vibrates, it must be reduced according to some necessary mechanical equipment. Shock. The spring shock absorber has this effect.. According to the spring shock absorber, the elastic potential energy derived from the elastic yellow is gradually released..


Abnormal sound treatment:

1. The problem of controller specifications, manual adjustment of precision motors, among which, the MODE0 and TVI Kp.Kff.Kvp main parameters, the first three of each parameter are reduced, but this will reduce the actual operation of the machining accuracy . Therefore, when people adjust, if the value is adjusted appropriately, don't blindly pursue the actual effect of the automatic spring machine with precision noise reduction. This situation can be solved by the abnormal noise of the automatic spring machine.

2. Carefully identify whether the transmission gear is noisy or whether there is a sharp noise at the end of the motor when it is running, check whether the mechanical equipment parts are loose and fall off, and the standard can also check whether there is a gap between the transmission gears. Under normal circumstances, when adjusting the motor, loosen the fixing screw and tighten the motor slightly.