How to deal with the problem of power failure of the spring machine?

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Many spring machine manufacturers have encountered the situation of walking points. How should such things be handled? Most of the working voltage of spring machines is below 60 volts. About 60 volts are abnormal and must be handled properly. Let’s talk about the manufacturer’s universal spring:



Use a cable to connect the device to the water pipe. If the switch power supply has a wire connector, connect the switch power supply wire of the bar device. Use an iron rod to poorly bottom a place about one meter deep, and then use the cable to connect the two. If the measured value of the operating voltage is 200V to 220V, it indicates that the wiring sheath is damaged. See that the wiring of each fan will not be damaged, and then check the equipment online, and the corner panel will not be damaged. If not, please contact the enumeration method.


If the voltage test value of the enterprise is about 60V~150V, and the switching control power supply trips, there will be a series of electricity, especially the probability of occurrence of small machines is relatively high, it is recommended to connect the spring machine to ordinary life electricity That's it.