How to deal with the power failure of the spring machine?

Update:15 Nov 2021

There will definitely be some minor problems in the use […]

There will definitely be some minor problems in the use of the spring machine. When a failure occurs, we must find a way to troubleshoot and solve the failure. What should I do when the computer spring machine power supply problem occurs? Let's analyze it below:




Spring machines are mainly controlled by AC servos, which means that different voltages correspond to different speeds. When speeding, the input voltage will be very high, and the motor will rotate quickly, and the voltage controlled by this process is again Where did it come from? It is converted by a DA chip on the servo drive board in the host computer. The DA chip is a bipolar power supply IC. There are some problems in the power management of the bipolar DA power supply provided to the society. When, of course they will cause speeding. For example, when there is one less bipolar power supply, the output working voltage level that needs to be controlled will be unbalanced at this time, and then it will run fast.


Check the DA chip power supply, if the switching voltage is a bipolar power supply, when it is determined that the input voltage of the switching power supply is too low or too high, whether the grounding power supply is well grounded, the output switching power supply voltage of each group is normal, and then it is determined to be connected to the upper line The bipolar voltage on the bipolar voltage is a reliable good contact.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the computer spring machine in daily use, the teacher must first solve the problem of power management. The power problem is an important guarantee that depends on whether the computer spring machine can be turned on. The above analysis of these methods is the problem that can lead to the power failure of the spring machine. Today, we will stop here first. If you want students to know more about them, welcome to visit our website for a detailed understanding.