How to deal with the error of the spring forming machine?

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The wire forming machine in the spring machine is a commonly used wire processing automation machine at this stage, and the production process of the wire has high precision requirements, otherwise it is very easy to cause product quality problems, what about the processing errors of the wire forming machine? How can it be solved?
There are many factors that cause errors in the line forming machine. Among them, there are human factors and practical operation problems, which are also caused by problems in the equipment itself. Therefore, inspections must be carried out immediately:


The first thing is to check whether the tools of the line forming machine are damaged. The damage of the tool will cause the processing to fail to meet the requirements and an error. If this situation causes an error, then another tool can be removed and replaced. Error problem.
If the wire forming equipment is in the entire inspection process, if the tool does not find any damage, you must conduct an inspection on the wire. Poor quality wires will harm the accuracy of the processing, so the manufacturer must do a good job of quality monitors for the wire raw materials;

If there are still necessary errors at this time, you will not be due to the problem of grinding tools or flatness, the hydraulic transmission system in the equipment, the balanced organization does not ensure the working pressure oil, and the balanced flow into the upper and lower hydraulic cylinders. Yes, you must make adjustments;

The adjustment method is to adjust the working method of the line forming machine to "start light adjustment", and then take out the abrasive tools in the equipment, or some other notes, so that the guide rail slider can stay in the mechanical equipment stop Then adjust the barometer to the necessary working pressure value. The actual method is to reduce the head of the dial indicator in the line forming equipment by 3-4mm, and step on the foot to make the system software pressure. When the pressure or the system software is discharged, check the position of the second hand of the dial indicator. If it reaches the required mark value, the actual operation can be terminated, and the error condition can be cleared!
Around it is the process of processing errors related to the wire forming machine. In addition to checking the common fault conditions of the equipment, you must also pay attention to the actual operation methods, so as to prevent errors as soon as possible.

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