How to deal with the abnormal noise of the spring machine?

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All aspects of the performance of the spring machine are closely related to the assembly of the machine, and the technical requirements for the assembler are also very high. With the unconventional increase in spring machine assembly in recent years, there are no various spring machine failures in the market. It is also increasing. So let's take a look at the abnormal noise of the spring machine:





The abnormal noise of the spring machine is divided into two situations:
1. Problem drive parameters
Adjust the motor control accuracy with the hand operator. Among the parameters Kp.Kff.Kvp and Tvi in MODE0, the first three items can be reduced respectively, but this operation will reduce the accuracy of engineering machinery design work. Therefore, we need to adjust the value as long as the value is moderate, and not only pursue the mute effect and affect the accuracy of the analysis.

2. Mechanical precision issues
When carefully identifying the gear noise or the sharp sound from the end of the motor, check whether there is any loose part of the spring machine. If possible, you can also check whether there is a gap between the gears. Generally, when adjusting the motor, you only need to loosen the motor with a fixing screw to tighten it.