How to choose a suitable CNC spring machine?

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When consumers prepare to purchase CNC spring machines in advance, they should first understand the basic parameters such as the types of their products, quality requirements and daily demand. Engaged in the manufacturing industry of CNC spring machine for many years, everyone can divide common CNC spring machine products into: compression spring machine, all-round turning CNC spring machine, camshaft turning CNC spring machine, wire forming machine and other CNC springs Machine mechanical equipment.
1. Compression spring machine product series: mainly for circular, arc and linear elastic products, such as various precision-machined compression springs, tower springs, conical springs, skeleton seal elastic yellows and mold springs, etc., with a higher forming rate Fast, high accuracy and high credibility.
2. All-round wire-turning CNC spring machine product series: mainly for circular, arc, straight line and blank-holding wire forming products, such as all kinds of precision machining compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, special-shaped springs and wire forming And other commodities.
3. Product series of camshaft-free wire-rotating CNC spring machine: camshaft-free wire-rotating CNC spring machine is a trend in most of the development of all-round CNC spring machines. It adopts the unusual design of no camshaft and no arm It has improved the difficulty of adjustment, reduced the time for adjusting machinery and equipment, and improved the expected effect of work, but the higher price and cost have discouraged customers.



When there are common failures in the core of the CNC spring machine, check if there is an alarm number on the stepper driver? The cause of common troubles can be analyzed from the alarm number on the stepper drive. For example, when the alarm number displayed on the stepping driver of the communication AC servo motor is 41, it means that the communication AC servo motor is overloaded, and the difficulty is solved by finding the reason (Note that in general, part of the industrial equipment is stuck.The servo motor on the computer is like the human brain of a CNC spring machine, and the turning magnet coil is the hand and foot, which is a prefabricated component that implements instructions. The CNC spring machine is equipped with a servo motor on the computer. The servo motor on the computer is based on the written operation The program will boot to start automatic manufacturing. The basic principle of spring production is actually recoil force. The wire feed wheel feeds the stainless steel wire forward, and the wire rail is blocked in front of the stainless steel wire to prevent the stainless steel wire from moving forward, causing friction, and changing the direction of the fitness movement of the stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wire produces a relative appearance.
Manufacturers of high-quality twelve-axis CNC spring machines, with the rapid stubbornness of modernization in China, the manufacturing industry for the application of elastic products has become more and more involved, which has promoted the production and manufacturing of compression spring machines in China. Rapid development trend. Because of the wide variety of CNC spring machines that are widely used in the market today, they can be described as flower doors. As far as the commonly used CNC spring machine is concerned, it can be mainly divided into two categories: traditional camshaft CNC spring machine and camshaft-free CNC spring machine. The development trend and application of camshaft-free CNC spring machine gradually reflect multi-axis The advantages of CNC spring machines have been recognized and welcomed by more and more customers.
4. Wire forming machine product series: Wire forming machine, also called wire forming machine, is used to produce and process cable and wire forming products. It is a piece of stainless steel wire that walks in. According to the work of the sheet metal bending head, a flat design drawing or a platform-type linear product is made, that is to say, the cable is made according to the production of the folding device and folded Stainless steel wire parts of various shapes in various flat design drawings or platform styles. The three most important manufacturing industries currently used by wire forming machines are: auto parts manufacturing, bathroom and kitchen metal manufacturing, large shopping malls and small ornament display racks and other metal products. Followed by: electronic components, toys, electrical products, fitness equipment, daily necessities, laboratory equipment, car dashboards, hair accessories, handicrafts, household hardware and other necessary precision machining parts manufacturing industries.