How to adjust without damaging the spring machine?

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1. When the multi-function computer spring machine is running, it is not recommended to touch the control panel by hand. The whereabouts of the bullet yellow products must be well controlled to prevent the knife holder from getting stuck and hitting the knife. When the spring yellow product is abnormal, it must be interrupted before adjustment, and the adjustment shall be terminated.

2. The structure of the elastic yellowing spring machine mainly drives the axle box, computer screen, forming area, AC servo motor, CNC blade, pivot, automatic wire feeder, hydraulic machine area, etc. The main shaft bearing box and pitch area are driven by the AC servo motor. Drive down to drive the spindle bearing to rotate or translate vertically.

3. Since the principle of the multi-functional computer spring machine is different from other spring machines, the following points should be paid attention to in the actual operation: It must be started in strict accordance with the application program. All standard parts transferred after the adjustment of the machine must be checked before use to prevent loosening, falling, moving during use, knife disease, and damage to the spring machine.

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