How does the spring machine control the shape of the spring?

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Spring machine adjustment requires learning skills, otherwise, the shape of the spring will not be adjusted for a long time. Zhejiang Omnipotent Spring Machine Co.,ltd tells you that we also need to understand how the spring machine controls the shape of the spring. The following is the relevant content:

(1) Pre-tension load: The pre-tension load determines the material and wire diameter of the spring, and the size of the seal can be adjusted to the pre-tension length.
(2) The outer diameter of the mandrel: the inner diameter of the given size and resolution of the torsion spring group can be based on the mandrel, but the mind needs to be changed. In the change of the spring body, it is reserved for the appropriate blank .
(3) The starting point and the end point of the action: the force torsion bar should be at a different position from the pointing angle when there is no work, and the length, method and angle of the fulcrum bar can be controlled.
(4) Active stroke load: The design of the tightening spring requires a clear understanding of the position to be acted on and the required elastic force. Set the position and understand the required elasticity, you can determine the material, diameter, number of turns...
(5) Installation space: A compression spring design clearly understands the necessary, the installation space required by the spring, in order to effectively control the manufacturing conditions of the compression spring, the outer diameter, inner diameter, and free length of the root.
(6) Change the fulcrum: The torsion spring must have a point when it is working. This theoretical fulcrum can determine the length and method of the torsion rod.
(7) The inner diameter of the installation space: If the change of the spring installation mining type needs to consider the casting space, the space determines the outer diameter, free length, and number of turns of the spring body.
(8) Environmental factors: The movable spring is mainly used as a different environment. It will be affected by environmental factors, and the service life must be considered. The design changes, environmental temperature and humidity, and the effect of temperature on the life of the spring are very huge. Humidity is not easy to deal with the oxidation of the outer spring. Therefore, environmental factors can determine whether the spring needs to be disposed of and the appearance of the selected material.