How can we reduce the damage rate of the internal parts of the spring machine?

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Some parts of equipment will become more and more serious after being used for a long time. Although people cannot prevent this from happening, people can take certain precautions to reduce the rate of damage. , The spring machines are all the same, so how can we reduce the damage rate of the internal parts of the spring machine?


Timely maintenance: When doing maintenance, people sometimes have to carry out maintenance according to the regulations of various machinery and equipment, and must also perform relative maintenance for the equipment during the required working hours.


Level 1 maintenance: Level 1 maintenance refers to the conversion of the most important tasks of routine maintenance to the lubrication of the equipment, checking and tightening the key parts of whether the parts have been cleaned.


Secondary maintenance: To put it plainly, secondary maintenance is the key to regular inspection and adjustment. Check the working conditions of the diesel engine, clutch and gearbox of the all-purpose spring engine. When common faults are found, it must be shut down to carry out necessary adjustments. After everything is normal, start the application, which can better ensure the working characteristics of the equipment .


Three-level maintenance: As far as the three-level maintenance is concerned, its top priority is the dispatch of inspection, adjustment and common faults. In addition, diagnosis and inspection should be carried out on the locations that affect all the normal working characteristics of the equipment. When necessary, the parts must be replaced or adjusted, and the equipment can be used normally.