Eight reasons why spring manufacturers use computer spring machines

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1. The four axes of the spring machine are controlled by computer, which can be operated separately or in combination. The angle of rotation of the cam can reach 0.1 degree.
2. After the wire feeding device is placed horizontally on the machine, each of the two wire feeding wheels is a group, and a total of two sets of wire feeding wheels are provided for convenient wire adjustment.
3. The core turning device is located in the center of the plate surface, and can accurately control the forward and reverse to assist the spring adjustment.
4. The curling shaft is directly mounted on the sliding seat, and can be driven up and down by the cam. It can also be controlled by the motor to reverse the reversal to achieve the purpose of the coil spring.
5. The shape of the computer spring machine is firm; especially the continuous emergence and improvement of the new high-strength metal alloy makes the mechanical spring more efficient.
6, computer spring machine packaging is stable; widely used in host vibration reduction, constant force appliances, stamping dies, ultra-high temperature elastic structure and other fields.
7, computer spring machine color averaging; the application and development of the spring can meet the requirements of its function, further improving the safety of the use of spring products.
8. The computer spring machine is convenient to transport; because of the difference in principle, the gas spring has obvious advantages compared with the ordinary spring, and the cost is low and the service life is relatively long.