Design of programming control for spring machine

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When encountering the situation that the installation and writing program cannot be reset to zero, it is not surprising. The key is to check whether the spring machine is in all normal conditions. The key to the principle of consumer yellow is to use the reaction force to send the wire directly to the front of the wire, and use a wire gauge to block the wire directly in front of the wire, making the wire inaccessible, causing friction resistance. Related designs.
1. The main parameters of the controller are difficult (this is limited to the internal work of the spring machine manufacturer). If the zero point of the machine does not have the same point after each zero reset, then consider whether the gear age ratio of the electronic device can be set appropriately.
2. Check whether the light yellow triangle traffic light on the upper right of the screen of the multi-functional computer spring machine can move in the opposite direction, and check the screen condition. All normal zeroing actions will be performed. If there is, it will damage the circuit board; if there is no reverse direction movement or accidentally reverse direction when doing the reset operation, please open the back cover of the machine and revise the reset operation to see if the indicator light of the near power switch will Everything flashes normally during the whole week of the machine. If everything can't flash normally, you can close to the power switch and hold it by hand. During the whole process of resetting the machine, immediately touch the machine. If the proximity power switch is still off, check the proximity power switch is connected to the circuit board. Whether the power plug of the power adapter is loose, or you can judge the problem of the proximity power switch itself.

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