Computer spring machine quality assessment standards.

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1. The operability of the computer spring machine, whether it is easy to operate, whether the appearance of the machine is beautiful, whether the chamfered part of the part is in place, whether it will accidentally injure the operator, whether it is aesthetic and other external factors.
2. Whether the gap between the internal parts of the computer spring machine is normal. Some parts of the machine are adjustable during operation, and each adjustable part is sensitive when adjusted. Whether the locking screw handle can be tightened easily. The screws are in the screw holes that act as adjustment limits, and the spring machine must be kept from shaking during the rotation tightening process.
3. It is necessary to first check the dimensions of the tungsten steel wire guide plate and the accuracy of the wire trough, and the smoothness, especially the roundness of the arc portion in contact with the wire wheel. Secondly, after the computer spring machine checks the front and rear of the two wire plates, the center of the wire slot is not equal. In addition, it is preferable to check the tightness of the wire guide into the wire holder so that it can be placed just as it is.