Computer spring machine external adjustment

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1. Mainly adjust the external warp mechanism. When the cylindrical spring is rolled, the top and bottom of the ejector pin are fixed or fixed to the appropriate position. It only needs to be adjusted inside or outside the ejector pin. Therefore, it is not required to install the reducing cam. Simple. In the case of a coiled conical spring or a conical spring, it is necessary to install a reducing cam.

2. The conical spring is from the small diameter end to the large diameter end. The operation process of the variable diameter cam is from high point to low point, which makes the ejector rod retreat continuously, forming a small diameter ring to a large diameter circle, and the feeding process is completed. After cutting, the ejector rod returns to the position of the small head and starts a new cycle.
The computer spring machine can consume pressure springs, tension springs, torsion springs, screw sleeves and wire forming products, suitable for many industries, including electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipment, automobiles, stationery, instruments, meters, hair accessories, handicrafts, etc. All kinds of high-precision springs are required, and can also consume sheet shrapnel, spring, etc. of different specifications.

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