Characteristics of the tempering furnace

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1. The 650 °C series is equipped with a special gas circulation mechanism and a comprehensive ventilation unit (including air blades) with large flow, good air tightness, and uniform temperature of the furnace to reach the standard and military standard 1-2 furnaces;
2, using ultra-lightweight and energy-saving composite furnace lining, energy saving;
3, can add a simple drip-type protective atmosphere to achieve less oxidation effect;
4. The furnace cover adopts an innovative multi-layer sealing structure, and adopts manual lever or electrohydraulic and worm gears to lift and lower the labor force;
5, the furnace temperature uniformity is good, up to ± 5 ° C, temperature control accuracy of 1 ° C;
6, there are authoritative measurement and control thermocouple devices, can meet the different requirements of navigation marks, military standards and national standards.

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