Causes of spring elasticity

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During the application of the spring, the environment in which the different springs work is different, and the raw materials are different. The working environment is the main cause of the final damage of the different springs. The Spring machine has several causes and different forms of breakage. Break:
1. Hydrogen embrittlement, cadmium brittleness, black brittleness: Under special circumstances, the material of the spring has different requirements, and some spring materials contain brittle fracture caused by excessive impurities.
2, tensile force, corrosion fracture: in the high corrosive environment of tension, tensile and corrosion together on the metal surface caused by fracture and deformation.
3. Wear: Wear is divided into: abrasive, fatigue and corrosion wear and fracture. The most effective way to solve the spring break problem is to check and replace the new spring frequently. At the same time, the spring machine technology needs to be fully upgraded in production to produce a spring with a higher working load.
4. Fatigue fracture: Under the action of high-intensity cyclic load, the continuous work of the spring exceeds the fracture of the spring due to the bearing capacity.
5. Brittle fracture: Most of the spring fractures are brittle fractures. Plastic fracture is only possible when the operating temperature is high. Fracture fracture, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement fracture are called brittle fractures in engineering.
In the high temperature environment, the spring is heated to a certain temperature, because the raw material factor will affect the elasticity of the spring (the metal product will deform after heating at high temperature, and will affect the original characteristics of the metal. Like iron, it can burn red iron. Blocks are easily changed into any shape), and even segregation can easily break.

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