Balance principle when computer spring machine is running

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For the unbalanced quality of the rotating body of the computer spring machine, the quality of the computer spring machine can be added by means of repair welding, riveting, cementing, etc.; the quality can be removed by means of drilling, milling, grinding, boring, etc.; it can also be changed in the prefabricated balance tank. The position and number of balance blocks.
We can divide the balance method of computer spring machine into static balance method and dynamic balance method. The static balance method can eliminate the static imbalance, and the dynamic balance method can eliminate the imbalance of force in addition to eliminating the static imbalance.
A general rotating body can be balanced as a rigid body, and a larger diameter and a smaller width can be used only for static balance. The computer spring machine needs to balance the parts with large long diameter, wherein the working speed is more than 75% of the first-order critical speed, and the computer spring machine should be dynamically balanced as a flexible rotating body.