What should we pay attention to when choosing spring materials for spring machines?

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There are many kinds of springs used in production and life. Different materials are required to produce different springs. The selection of the spring material of the spring machine is based on the following points:

1. The selection of environmental factors for spring products in the production of spring machines is mainly based on: corrosion resistance (acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt corrosion resistance, water corrosion resistance), weather resistance, stress corrosion resistance, fatigue corrosion resistance, wear resistance, temperature resistance, resistance various radiations, etc.
2. The basis for selecting the load characteristics of spring products is mainly: dynamic pulse cyclic load, variable load, impact load, corrosion fatigue load, static load, large load and fatigue load.
3. The basis for selecting the mechanical properties and strength characteristics of spring products mainly include: tensile strength, yield strength or yield ratio, hardness, thermosetting, area shrinkage, elongation, impact toughness, relaxation properties, fatigue strength, fracture toughness, etc.
4. The basis for selecting the physical properties of the materials used by the spring machine to produce spring products mainly include: elastic modulus, density, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic properties, heat transfer properties, etc.
5. The basis for selecting the material process characteristics of spring products mainly includes: rolling performance, cutting performance, winding performance, torsion performance, bending performance, deformation strengthening, solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening, hardenability, hardenability, decarburization performance, Tempering properties, aging properties, welding properties, etc.

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