What kind of spring can be processed by spring machinery?

Update:14 Dec 2020

1. Line forming For example, the double S-shaped frame […]

1. Line forming

For example, the double S-shaped frame of the car seat, the car door lock rod, the car tail box bracket, various flat and three-dimensional wire frame frames, and even the brackets used in the bathroom and kitchen utensils, can be produced by spring machines;

2. Wire crafts
For example, red wine bottle holders, Christmas craft gifts, craft jewelry paper clips, etc., can also be produced with spring machines;

3. Fish hook
The hooks and brackets used on some high-end fishing tackle are also made of spring machines;

4. Spiral tendons
A supporting product used in prefabricated parts on railway tracks, which looks like compression springs and is produced by special spring machinery;

5. Oil seal
It is produced by compression spring machine in spring machinery;

6. Resistance, screw sleeve
Refit production with computer spring machinery;

7. Alligator clip
It can be formed by spring machining at one time.